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How To Use The App

You will see a Welcome Screen, with some explanation about the study. You can view the privacy policy by clicking the link on this screen. When you hit “Continue” you will be asked how you heard about the survey. Once you answer that question, you will be asked for to grant permissions for the phone to be able to fully use the App for the study.

The App will start tracking you after you open it and have agreed to the permissions. The App will track you until midnight and then for a full 24-hour period. After that the App will stop tracking. We are interested in the data from the full 24‑hour period.

 If you get this error in the App: “GPS tracking will not work and no trips will be recorded. Please set Location to “Always” in "Settings”. Set your location services to “Always on” and if it doesn’t work the first time try shutting it off and then back on.  

Open the app, and agree to the permission settings that pop up. Avoid battery-saving mode and airplane mode. You can view a short tutorial in the app if you desire. Fill out the short questionnaires about your travel and household. Once complete, the sections will have checkmarks, but you can still go back and change your answers.

Make sure you have your smartphone and charger with you for the 24 hour tracking period and charge your phone if needed. Throughout the day the App will alert you when it detects that a trip has ended and ask you to fill in a few details. You can fill in the details right away or wait till the end of the day and add details to all the trips at once.

Once the 24-hour period ends the app will notify you that it has stopped tracking your travel. At that point please confirm all your trips and make any changes to the questionnaires. There are two more sections to complete after all your trips have been recorded. One contains a few more questions about your travel, the other is feedback about the App itself. Please do this as soon as possible; the App will accept changes to your entries for 48 hours.

Once you have completed all the details, you can delete the App.

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