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The City of Boulder (CoB) hired an independent external evaluator, National Research Center, Inc. (NRC), to conduct a survey of people residing in the Boulder Valley area about their travel behavior. To assist this effort NRC and the City teamed with DVmobile to create an App version of the survey.

You may complete the survey by downloading an App or by downloading the paper forms.

Your privacy is important to us! Your answers are NOT associated with your name (which we do not know and do not ask for in the App). Your responses to this survey will be kept in strict confidence and only used in the aggregate. This means that your individual answers and individual travel behavior will never be shown in our reporting. Results will only be reported in the aggregate, for example in statements like “70% of respondents drive to work.”

NRC’s dataset will retain the answers to the survey questions and if you used the App, the geographic locations visited throughout your work day. This data is not associated with your name and will not be shared with any parties other than NRC, DVmobile and the City, nor will the geographic data be used for any other purpose than travel modelling.

For more information about the survey, please contact Randall , Senior Transportation Planner, GO Boulder/City of Boulder 303-441-3200

If you have questions about using the App, how to fill out the diary, or how the data is handled, please call NRC at 303-226-6992 or email us at

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